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  • urakan of bamboo

    When each has memory of person and touched the good old thing, there is elementary school which spent the times of child in one of the things reviving vividly. In addition, when we still turn at left rural scenery, very large pine wood which comfortable wind crosses, river, narrow path to drift to relaxedly in heart,….

  • Village of moon rabbit

    In Nagaimachi, Kaga-shi with village of moon rabbit, there is story that rabbit saved village from flood for the repayment of favor, and rabbit is got close to when we invite happiness and luck. "Village of moon rabbit" features the theme of rabbit, and rabbit is pastured in open space (the outdoors); and now….

  • Sweets shop hallelujah

    In tart and specialty store of baked confectionery, we cook cake using seasonal foods every season.   In fruit and soy sauce of local "Kaga fruit land", there are crab and prawns, thing using ingredients of hometown Hashidate including seaweed, too.   ….

  • Patisserie Keln (patisserie cairn)

    Approximately 60 kinds of bread, cake approximately 40 kinds, baked confectioneries approximately 35 kinds.   Aiming at ... and thought, the making of better product, I make carefully one by one if I can send joy and smile to customer with taste.

  • Konishi fisheries Kaga marine products center

    We have marine products & delicacy special product of Hokuriku Kaga, Noto, special product of Echizen, Ecchu much and provide in "reduced price" than the list price.   Our restaurant makes an effort every day to offer Hokuriku special product which selected carefully to customer as cheap as possible….

  • Izumi of meat

    "Izumi of meat" in Yamanaka Onsen noyuge way is store specializing in homemade croquette and Japanese beef.   As for the homemade croquette summarized in straw bag type, in the outside, the inside is hokkuhoku fast.   It is feature to contain potato which we did flop….

  • patisuriekafeiverubosuke

    There is and values sense of the seasons of Western confectionery and coffee to stand still in corner of rural scenery which is full of green of Kaga-shi.   Western confectionery sale that I make carefully while being particular about the subject matter is main.   It is discerning * of hand drip in cafe….

  • Honey shop Morinokumasan of Kaga

    Honey shop "Morinokumasan" of Kaga is small honey shop of Kaga-shi, Ishikawa. We bring up bee on the earth of natural rich Kaga and produce 100% natural discerning honey. Thing which honey filtered after the crop several times with bottle meal….

  • Japanese confectionery Kaga encampment sum sweets *

    We select carefully in various material including seasonal local product in motto in and "we attach true heart to taste" and have cake which we entrusted with change in the four seasons. In addition, "-rin-is similar, and sum sweets rin" makes tea room in shop and relaxes with vertical sweets relaxedly and is….

  • HEIWADO Al plaza kagakagahyakusengai

    We have specialties, famous confection, delicacy of Kaga, special product kept on choosing in cathedral.   In sales floor, you establish experience-based section with ceramic ware, picture and can enjoy toward the age from child.   Doorway, J of Kaga hot-spring village….

  • JA green Kaga farm products direct sale place spirit village

    As the point of contact of local people and farming families, we sell delicious store rice cleaning and local farm products for security, relief. In addition, as specialty store of agriculture, it is shop which we can demand from flower and seed and sapling to consultation of manure, pesticides for home gardening and cultivation. mochiro….

  • Hamanaka of meat

    As authorized shop of Noto beef, we provide delicious meat at affordable price.   Please appreciate specialty croquette, roast beef, barbecued pork which were particular about handcrafting by all means.

  • Nishimura vineyard

    For approximately three months from early July through late September, we are doing direct sale of grape and grape picking. Including Delaware, we cultivate seasonal grape more than 15 kinds. It is tasteful in each grape. We taste preference with family or friend….

  • Tsuchiyama vineyard

    It is discerning grape which shut in solar blessing, blessing of the earth tightly. Let alone direct sale, we accept grape picking, each ground shipment. In addition, barbecue house of all weather type is added to our garden. Maximum seating capacity is 144 people, family….

  • Shop yotchan store of interesting Japanese arts & crafts

    We sell "interesting Japanese arts & crafts" to store in Machiya with flavor to still remain in downtown of Daishoji. Cat lover of storekeeper grows on, and cat goods are multiplying in shop. ※Indefiniteness is closed on Saturday, October 29, 2016.

  • Kaga fruit land

    At extensive orchard of 250,000 tsubos, we can enjoy fruit picking and barbecue throughout the year. Other seasonal fruit picks off strawberry, grape, apple on the spot and are served unlimitedly. Barbecue with full of the volume is popular, too. It is pakugo for digestion….

  • Container studio watermelon - terrible suffering - gallery and shop of experience

    With container studio watermelon, we use porcelain soil sonomamao used for Kutani chinaware which is rare in displaying and selling and experience of local writer work and can do potter's wheel experience, hand bineri experience. As the staff holds side during experience, the first one, small child are relieved, too….

  • Large high noon sake brewery museum (Hashimoto brewing)

    We can always sample 5-6 kinds of liquor. It was reopened (free) on Sunday, October 15, 2017.

  • shodesen

    They do specialty of mountains "hot spring (yusen) egg" I sha mountains hot spring birth taste and do storable duration, and both white and yolk are creamy. Please come to your dining table. Store which is targeted for "ECO riding coupon" sweets ticket

  • Kutani chinaware Mangetsu

    It is store specializing in folkcraft Kutani chinaware. Which "the other side does not leak" displays and sells a lot of patent product noshoyusashimade kind, number of articles, "cover does not fall" from article of well-known writer including "living national treasure" 3s Yasokichi Tokuda, Minori Yoshita. In experience, potter's wheel experience with picture,….

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