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About request of brochure, document

Q: How should we do request of brochure, document?

A: Application would like inquiry form or telephone.

We offer wide area map of Kaga-shi, Ishikawa and walk map of hot-spring resort (Yamashiro, mountains, Katayamazu, awazu) of Kaga hot-spring village, various sightseeing documents including brochure of tourist facility, the accommodations.

It may take around one week after having request of brochure, document that customer arrives.
In the case of dispatch, please be careful.

When sending of brochure, document is hoped for, please let know the next matter.

  • ● Zip code
  • ● Address
  • ● The name, furigana of the name
  • ● Phone number
  • ● If there is in particular brochure, document to hope for; the kind
  • ● Serving as a reference when we choose brochure, document to send (when you come transportation, constitution of tourist)

Inquiry foam is this

You can download file of digital brochure (Portable Document Format) than this.

About the use of image

Q: Please tell about application method and use condition of photograph image.

A: After having had you apply over inquiry form or telephone, we send "use of image application" and "Terms of Use".

We offer a lot of image data such as KAGA trip, scenery, tourist facility, festival that we wait and were photographed in net in Kaga-shi, Ishikawa (Kaga hot-spring village).

Application would like inquiry form or telephone.
When the use of image data is hoped for, I send "use of image application" and "Terms of Use" in E-MAIL.

Please be careful about the following points
  • ● It takes around two or three days after usually receiving "use of image application" for sending of image data.
  • ● Please send one copy of finished product to publication, printed matter such as magazine or flyer on the use. When we are published in website, please let know URL of the site.
  • ● When we do not have image data of kind that you requested with us, we cannot provide. Thank you for your understanding.

Inquiry foam is this

About reservation of volunteer guide

Q: We want to use volunteer guide, what should I do?

A: We guide according to area and theme and are active and accept reservation in each application.

In sightseeing in Kaga-shi volunteer guide "Kaga airisu guides," we guide according to area and theme each and are active.
By guidance only by local person, please enjoy experience that gangs were different from everyday sightseeing in.

The following group guides guide of cityscape.

◇ Application of sightseeing volunteer guide
  • In the case of Daishoji, Hashidate, Katayamazu district → The Kaga airisu guide secretariat (KAGA trip waits the net)
    ※Application to the Kaga airisu guide secretariat would like inquiry form or telephone.
    I send "Kaga airisu guide application" and "the details about volunteer guide reservation" in FAX or E-MAIL.
  • In the case of Yamashiro district → Yamashiro Onsen tourist association (TEL 0761-77-1144)
  • In the case of mountains district → Yamanaka Onsen tourist association (TEL 0761-78-0330)

※Apply for each tourist association on the telephone directly.

The facility staff or guide in hall performs commentary in culture facility (free). When you want only commentary in culture facility, please ask each facility.

◇ Charge

As administration cooperation costs (we include transportation expenses of guide), the following rate is necessary for one guide.
It is 2,000 yen until 1,500 yen, four hours until 1,000 yen, three hours until two hours
※It should be correspondence to around 15 people for one guide.

◇ Deadline for application

●After applying for Daishoji, Hashidate, Katayamazu district ... guide, I send "Kaga airisu guide application" and "the details about volunteer guide reservation" in FAX or E-MAIL.
"Kaga airisu guide application" wishes to guide at the latest, and, within two weeks before day, please reply to the airisu guide secretariat.
●Apply for each tourist association within two weeks before Yamashiro, mountains ...
●Apply for each facility within around one week before "Ishikawa Kutaniyaki Art Museum" "village museum of goods-carrying merchant ship" ...

You want and, about arrangement of guide, may not attach. Thank you for your understanding.

(course example of guide)
"We visit castle town Daishoji of 100,000 stones"

Walk ... (on foot) - JR Daishoji Station dissolves lower temple group of visit to JR Daishoji Station meeting ... (on foot) - Ishikawa Kutaniyaki Art Museum (separately admission charges 500 yen) ... (on foot) - mountain [approximately two hours]

"Walk in town Hashidate of the master of goods-carrying merchant ship"

Village museum parking lot of visit to village museum (separately admission charges 310 yen) ... (on foot) - goods-carrying merchant ship of walk - goods-carrying merchant ship dissolves remaining cityscape of village museum parking lot set ... (on foot) - shipowner village of goods-carrying merchant ship [approximately two hours]

As well as the above, we can cross course along hope of customer.

Inquiry foam is this