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Privacy Policy

We wait, and "KAGA trip waits, and "KAGA trip waits, and net" runs net blog" (we say "our site" as follows.) Kaga-shi sightseeing information portal site in net [sightseeing in Kaga-shi interchange mechanism] KAGA trip.
We may collect your information that our site is used as far as it is necessary for smooth administration of service (reporting by web, inquiry reception desk) to offer in our site.
It deals with gleanings within the use purpose appropriately and tries to be able to use to all of you in peace.

About information to collect

  • 1. In our site, we collect information to affect Internet domain name, IP address, query information of search in site, reading of our other sites automatically.
  • 2. In the case of inquiry, we may ask about e-mail address, phone number, the metropolis and districts, sex, birth age to reply.
  • 3. We use gleanings as reference to carry out service that our site provides smoothly, statistics material in our site.
  • 4. We use e-mail address that we collected by the above only for the purpose of reply to inquiry, statistics material.
    About the metropolis and districts, sex, the birth year to live, we may announce as statistics material.
  • 5. For planning of sightseeing promotion policy, we may perform reporting about the above in Kaga-shi.

Limit of the use and offer

We will use information that had you provide from all of you within the use purpose that we stated clearly as above.
And we use gleanings for purpose except the use purpose mentioned above by oneself unless there are other special reasons when there are illegal acts such as unauthorized access, threat when there is disclosure request based on laws and ordinances or may not provide to third party.
※But access information, KAGA trip to our site wait and may announce suggestion, opinion to net and data which it processed about individual attribute to be related to these statistically or opinion.

Management of information

About information that we collected from all of you, our site webmaster manages severely and takes necessary measures against leak, diversion, appropriate management of other gleanings.


This privacy policy is applied only in our site.