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About sightseeing in Kaga-shi interchange mechanism


Sightseeing in Kaga-shi interchange system plans economic development and activation of the whole Kaga-shi through promotion of tourist industry,
It is intended to contribute to improvement of civic life

Business outline

  • Introduction advertising about sightseeing and guidebook
  • Conduct of event about sightseeing
  • Management administration of sightseeing-related facility
  • Offer of convenience to sightseeing-related facility user
  • Development promotion, sale of sightseeing souvenir
  • Investigation, study on sightseeing, collection of materials and reporting
  • Cooperation to cooperation with sightseeing affiliates and sightseeing administration
  • Plan, offer of trip
  • Business necessary to achieve purpose of these other associations


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The location

2, Daishojiminamicho, Kaga-shi, Ishikawa 41 Kaga-shi government office the fourth floor of the annex
TEL 0761-72-0600/FAX 0761-72-0609