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Bush clover of fruit-related hospital is at their best soon

Contribution day: September 12, 2020

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Extended image


White bush clover of Daishoji, Kaga-shi "fruit-related hospital" known as temple "in" Hagi invites the best time to see soon.


Temple of Soto sect that fruit-related hospital was family temple of Daishoji feudal lord.

Please come to Daishoji of quiet appearance that gangs are different from hot-spring village in.


In addition, you are doing repair work of the main hall of a Buddhist temple in plan until around the end of November and cannot look at in building during the period. You can observe bush clover of the precincts, grave of each generation Daishoji feudal lord (admission fee is needed), and please be careful.


※Photograph is photographed on September 19. (full bloom)


Fruit-related hospital
 Address  29, Daishojishitayashikimachi, Kaga-shi, Ishikawa
 Visit time  From 9:00 to 16:00
 Admission fee (only as for the person) free of charge with free group (more than 21 people) younger than 400 yen for adults high school student 350 yen obstacle ※It is class or is not replaced
Inquiry  Fruit-related hospital TEL0761-72-1104
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In addition, held with "gallery bush clover" in house across the street of fruit-related hospital in "northeastern writers exhibition X".

This exhibition which began in autumn of year when we had earthquake disaster that brought unprecedented damage is the tenth at this time.

This time holds in the last. Check it out!


Northeastern writers exhibition X
Place  Daishojishitayashikimachi, Kaga-shi ho 8 "gallery bush clover"
Period  Having no days off during from Friday, September 11 to 17th Thursday period
Time  From 10:00 to 17:00
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 It is "Kutani ware experience studio CoCo" of Yamashiro Onsen in 10/2-28 and is held in 11/1-23 in lobby of Katayamazu Onsen hotel "arore".