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As of cancellation, postponement [7/8] of event, event for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread]

Contribution day: July 08, 2020

For new coronavirus infection Hiromu Go Daibo stopper, we will guide thing that it was for cancellation, postponement, contents change in festival, event that we wait for this trip and guided on net homepage.

(as of July 8)


In addition, it may become cancellation, postponement, contents change by the future situation about other festivals, events. Please be careful.


 Event that cancellation decided



 Saturday, July 18       : We stroll around Daishoji light rou (Daishoji)

 Saturday, July 18, 19th Sunday: Yamashiro Ota comfort (Yamashiro Onsen)  



 From Saturday, August 1 to 23rd Sunday : Oldness and mountains summer festival (Yamanaka Onsen)

 From Saturday, August 1 to 16th Sunday : Is isolated, and is isolated; fair (Katayamazu Onsen)

 From Saturday, August 8 to 24th Monday : Interesting Yamashiro summer festival (Yamashiro Onsen)

 From Thursday, August 27 to 29th Saturday: Slowpoke ware Festival (Iburihashi)

 Sunday, August 30       : Summer fire Festival (large rocky mountain Myouji) ※Addition




 From Tuesday, September 1 to 30th Wednesday : Basho festival ※We include national haiku meeting (Yamanaka Onsen)

 Sunday, September 6        : The Sea of Japan folk song festival mountains knob whole country contest

                  (Yamanaka Onsen mountains-za)

 Sunday, September 6        : We stroll around mountains knob journey (Yamanaka Onsen)

 Saturday, September 12, 13th Sunday: 100,000 koku Festival (Daishoji)

 Sunday, September 20, 21st Monday: Dark dark festival (Yamanaka Onsen)



 Date and time undecided           : Abusive gay quarters wave of Yamashiro hot water (Yamashiro Onsen)

  In festival (Katayamazu Onsen) of hot water, only sacred rites are carried out on Saturday, August 22.

     The source mikoshi and the source dedication expression 11:00 - place: Former park - source hot water supply place - Aizome temple of hot water

     Hot spring prosperity prayer Buddhist memorial service 11:45 - place: Aizome temple

   In addition, competition between two teams game mikoshi or great fireworks festival are cancellation.


 ※Katayamazu Onsen "dragon King legend story" is suspended indefinitely from April 28.




 Event that postponement decided


 Sunday, May 3, 4th Monday  : Mountains lacquerware Festival (Yamanaka Onsen) ※New schedule is undecided





 In addition, we stop Loan Object Exhibition of facility with temporary closing of facility and postpone or are called off.


 ※Please see Kaga-shi homepage about plans such as event, event of Kaga-shi sponsorship.



In addition, conduct assumes decided event now, and there is next.

 (we may be changed by the situation. Please check beforehand by all means.)


Event that holding decides

From Saturday, August 1 to Monday, August 31 : Enjoying the cool breeze fireworks Festival (Katayamazu Onsen)

  ※Festival great fireworks festival of hot water which we planned on 23rd is canceled


From Saturday, August 1 to Monday, August 31 : Fireworks Cruise (Katayamazu Onsen)

(excluded on August 16)

   ※Making a reservation of going on board is person-limited staying Katayamazu Onsen association participation inn.

     On the day general person can go on board if there are any vacant seats.

     As for the details, please see Katayamazu Onsen tourist association formula HP.


Saturday, August 15, 16th Sunday  : yamashiro art market (Yamashiro Onsen)

   ※Holding with condition


Sunday, August 16         : Katayamazu Onsen floating of lanterns (Katayamazu Onsen)


In Yamashiro many lamps society [August 16], hassaku orange Festival [September 1] (※ each Yamashiro Onsen)

It is scheduled, but contents may be changed by the situation. For more details

Please see Yamashiro Onsen tourist association formula HP.