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About closure such as tourist facilities for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention [as of 9/23]

Contribution day: September 23, 2020

Stop of shortening, part service is as follows for business hours for extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease and temporary closure of the Kaga city (Kaga hot-spring village) and tour bus canvas stop facility with the outbreak situation in Ishikawa. (as of September 23)


Please be careful on outing.


※Closure, some services may stop without notice in consideration of security of customer about facility without mention.

※Business is facility which reopened, but there may be regulation including mask wearing imposition.

※Period may be changed extension, shortening of by the situation.


   ◆Please see Kaga-shi HP about other city related facilities.

◆It is this about stores around JR Kaga-Onsen Station.


[temporary closing]
Facility name, contents Period Remarks
   ◆Cake castle Kaga feudal clan

   ◆Japanese origami Museum

 Monday, April 20

... for the time being 

※It continues from September and is going to be closed. It is undecided at business reopening time. Please ask facility.
   ◆Pleasure boat tour of noon

   ◆Shibayama liman night Cruise

 For the time being

    Stop navigation start




[including time shortening day-limited only as for some services business]

Facility name, contents  Period Remarks
 ◆Town planning Kaga

   (tour bus kiang bus window)

  May 31

... Saturday, October 31  

  We switch to 8:30-17:00 for business hours

※Kiang bus mountain rotation line and Komatsu Airport Line during period are suspended. Only the sea rotation line runs.

 ◆yunokunino forest (Komatsu-shi) Business hours 9:00-16:30

The moon has from September to December on temporary holiday of a few days 

 ※  September is Friday on 25th on Thursday on 24th on Wednesday on 23rd on Friday on 18th on Monday on 14th on Friday on 11th on Thursday on 10th on Wednesday on 9th on Monday on 7th on Friday on Thursday, 4th for Wednesday, three days for daily Tuesday, two days

October is Monday for Monday, 26 days for Thursday, 19 days for Monday, eight days for five days

 ◆Village of the moon rabbit
Tuesday, September 1

... Tuesday, October 20

Rabbit open space:

  Weekdays (9:30-13:00)
  Saturday and Sunday (9:00-16:00)

 ※9/21.22 is 9:00-16:00


Restaurant Kaga rabbit-go:

  Weekdays (11:00-13:00)

  Saturday and Sunday (11:00-15:00)



  Weekdays (closure)

  Saturday and Sunday (9:00-16:00)

※9/21.22 is 9:00-16:00


Cafe moon rabbit: Closure

※When business hours and contents are changed in a hurry, there is

 ◆hazuchio concert hall Tea house: Saturday, June 6 ... for the time being 

We    make shortening (9:30-17:00) at time and do business only on Saturday and Sunday 

   We do business on 9/21 Monday (holiday), 22 Tuesday (holiday)


Vermilion lacquer shop: It is closed until from Friday, April 10 to the end of August (there is business day, too)

   We do business only on Saturday and Sunday a week from September  


Hall for rent: We do business from June 1 and reopen 

 ◆Kaga fruit land   For the time being  Stop of suitsubyuffe
 ◆nataniji   Saturday, August 1 ... 

We shorten at visit time: (9:30-16:00)

Visit area: Possible visit general visit, special visit approximately as usual (we cannot see only *monkaku)

 ◆Maruhachi Seichajo

 We shorten ... for the time being business hours on Saturday, June 20

Product sales :(10:00-17:00)

Cafe :(10:00-17:00 L.O.16:30)

Friday, August 7 ... for the time being 

sotakeken: We do business only on Monday, Friday, Sunday

       Business hours: 11:00 ..., 13:00 ..., 15:00 ...
       Each time, set-limited (up to four people ※ number of people restrictions)

 ◆Mountains Tsurutaro Kataoka mechanic art building  Saturday, July 11

... for the time being 

Closed days : Tuesday, Wednesday

※It is closed on business 9/24 Thursday, Friday, September 25 on 9/22 Tuesday (holiday), 23 Wednesday

 ◆Kutanimangetsu  Tuesday, July 21

... Tuesday, October 20

9:00-16:00 (experience-based reception desk 15:30)

※Ceramic art experience: Painting experience, potter's wheel experience is available for all schedule correspondence
※Lunch :We do business only for two days of 9/21 Monday, Tuesday, September 22 (ranch is closed to 9/23-10/20)

 ◆Katayamazu Onsen

 Information center

   From Tuesday, September 1

  For the time being

Other than Wednesday closure

※Rental of "on mobi" stops, too


 (souvenir shop in abioshiti Kaga)

   For the time being Is shortened at time to 9:30-19:00