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About closure such as tourist facilities for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread [as of April 6]

Contribution day: April 06, 2020

Stop of part service is as follows for extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease and facility temporary closure in the Kaga city (Kaga hot-spring village) with the outbreak situation in Ishikawa. (as of April 6)


Please be careful on outing.


※Closure, some services may stop without notice in consideration of security of customer about facility without mention.



[temporary closing]

    Facility name, contents        Period         Remarks
 ◆Hall of village crafts of potter's wheel  Until Monday, April 20  ※There is that we are changed during period
 ◆yunokunino forest  April

 9th Thursday, 14th Tuesday

 16th Thursday, 20th Monday

 21st Tuesday, 27th Monday


 8th Friday, 11th Monday

 13th Wednesday

 ◆Cake castle Kaga feudal clan   It is fire ... from Monday, April 6

  It is closed on Friday (period undecided)

 ※We shorten business hours on day on Saturday, Sunday and Monday to do business (9:00-16:30) 


[including business hours shortening]

     Facility name, contents        Period         Remarks
 ◆Maruhachi Seichajo tea shop plant raised from a seed   Until Sunday, April 12   Business hours one hour raising

  10:00-17:00 (L.O 16:30)

 ◆abioshiti Kaga

 hyakusengai (the souvenir section) 

  Monday, April 6 ...

  Until Wednesday, May 20 

 Business hours 9:30-19:00 


[including stop of some services]

     Facility name, contents        Period         Remarks
 The suspension of the performance of periodical presentation "dance of the mountains knob four seasons" and "mountains knob and room experience"
      For the time being  Visit to facility, stand, guidebook except hall are available as usual.
 ◆Kaga fruit land
  Stop of restaurant (we include offer of Kaga parfait, sweets buffet) and barbecue
 Between April 6 and facing between April 6  ※Fruit picking, stand are open as usual. 

※Exchange of sweets ticket of ECO riding coupon is possible.

 ◆Kutanimangetsu  April

 6th from Monday to 10th Friday

 14th Tuesday, 16th Thursday

 17th Friday

Potter's wheel experience, lunch stop.

※Please refer for painting experience.

 ◆Village of the moon rabbit   Until Friday, April 17

  Fire - Friday

※Business, other facilities including stand close only rabbit open space and cafe until 15:00.

※It is open in all facilities on day on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.