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Announcement of Hyakumangoku walk autumn/winter edition Daishoji running cancellation

Contribution day: February 27, 2020

Hyakumangoku walk autumn/winter edition.

Daishoji walk of Friday, March 20 when we planned was called off for coronavirus nonproliferation.

Thank you for your understanding

In addition, Hashidate walk continues and accepts application, but please be careful as you cannot enter for "village museum of goods-carrying merchant ship" closing until Sunday, March 22.



Extended image

The village museum building of goods-carrying merchant ship

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Hashidate-cho regular

 Days until March 31 ※There is excluded day (we need advance reservations)

 And "we visit the ground related to goods-carrying merchant ship inheritance shipowner communities walk in Japan"

 We walk cityscape mioga of Hashidate of inheritance of Japan.
Village museum of goods-carrying merchant ship」 ※We enter closing, goods-carrying merchant ship main mansion "storehouse six garden" until March 22.


 ryo    FRI : 1,500 yen

 (we include closing "storehouse six garden" admission charges until guide rate, "village museum of goods-carrying merchant ship" ※ Sunday, March 22)

 shu    go : "Hashidate district Hall" side parking lot (village museum parking lot of goods-carrying merchant ship)

            Ro-357, Hashitatemachi, Kaga-shi, Ishikawa

 Time    Interval : Twice a day of 10:20 departure and 13:45 departure.
          ※You want what time departure, or tell at the time of reservation.
          The walk time required as for 90-120 minutes

 tei    in : 20 (two minimum passenger count)

 Walk distance : About 1km

 Application : KAGA trip waits; net

                                                                      (we accept for 00 for 00-17:00 at TEL0761-72-6678 9:00)

         ※Apply by 15:00 three days before date.

         ※There is day when we cannot carry out by convenience.