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Crab stew size pan

Winter popular "behavior of crab stew size pan" of Yamanaka Onsen is held every year. We can taste pan which we used crab and discerning ingredients for abundantly with mountains lacquerware. Let alone cool body, heart becomes warming homemade crab stew, too.

From November 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018

The Hall of Science of Ukichiro Nakaya snow

Diamond dust, experiment mysterious beautifully including pendant of ice enjoy and can mention science, essay, movie, versatile achievements of ukichiro including picture. In commemoration of Ukichiro Nakaya who succeeded in making artificial snow for the first time, it was built in Katayamazu Onsen that was hometown.


There is footbathing that can heal fatigue of trip in each hot spring resort of "Katayamazu Onsen" "Yamashiro Onsen" "Yamanaka Onsen". Please drop in at town walk of hot-spring resort, memory of trip.

The Sea of Japan

Speaking of winter of Hokuriku, there will be much one where scenery covered to gloomy cloud is imaged. Probability that it rains is high nationwide, and there is surely many that it is heavy rain suddenly though it was fine until a while ago. In addition, a lot of days when thunder resounds can see angry waves of the Sea of Japan in winter on such a day. It is powerful and feels even menace of nature.


All-cypress "Kuroya bridge" where "we do cat's cradle", and stone bridge attaches unique character to which has both shape without kind and beautiful crimson and violet-colored modernity bridge "cricket bridge" which is Fuga that bather comes by all means. tsurusenkei becomes representative scenic spot of Yamanaka Onsen throughout the year.

Kamoike observation building

Katano Kamoike is wintering place of cancer waterfowl eminent Japan and is Ramsar Convention registration damp ground of approximately 10ha. Several thousand waterfowls gather in the winter season, and many small birds do child care in neighboring forests in the summer. It is the golden age of waterfowls over February from November. We can observe wild living in front.

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