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Spring recommended spot


Near Ayatori-hashi Bridge, tsurusenkeiyuhodoen ino popularity spot "stream bed." Forest bathing that tastes sweets while hearing the murmuring of river, and is Fuga leisurely. We sell summer-limited menu.

From April 1 to November 30 ※There is maintenance holiday 

Enjoying the cool breeze fireworks

State that fireworks of every night shine in surface of a lake day after day is taste only in Katayamazu.
Also, look at fireworks to appear in "floating Mido" from "former park of hot water" in center of Katayamazu Onsen, and to look at in conjunction with night view of hot spring from contralateral shore in superb view; when, too, and what look at relaxedly while soaking in bath of inn is good, Riki Osako of fireworks can enjoy with various variation close.
※Great fireworks festival (northern country fireworks Kagaonsen Games) that was scheduled to be held on August 23 is called off for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention this year.

From August 01 to August 31

Shibayama liman tour pleasure boat

We can thoroughly enjoy floating temple to be built to float on lakeside nature and lake, wonderful scenery only in Katayamazu including large fountain, and sacred mountain Hakusan seen on particularly fine day is superb view. Large fountain is huge fountain of one of the most scales to let dynamic water coloring of 70m in height bloom in Japan.

※We postpone navigation start time for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention (for the time being)

Navigation to have days from April through October

Sunflower maze

We can enjoy sunflower maze proud of area of 3000 tsubos from small child to adult. 50,000 sunflowers becoming in full bloom have value of seeing in the beginning of August in usual. In addition, we can spend barbecue house with 144 maximum seating capacity happily noisily in family, group including friend. (going to hold for from July 23 to August 16 in 2020. Period may be changed by the situation)

Hashidate beach

The outskirts of the shore become a part of quasi-national park and serve as break in scenic spot "Cape Sister" of seaside cottage and neighborhood if tired from sea bathing and can enjoy view of the Sea of Japan.
In addition, restaurants dealing with fish landed in Hashidate fishing port scatter near by, and lunch menu is rich, too.

From July 18, 2020 to August 23

Kurosaki beach (there is no business this season)

Here beach? It is little-known spot in secret place as we think of this.
Visitor can enjoy all the more sea bathing for private beach feeling without feeling that there few.
While there is large rocky place beside sandy beach, and children look for crab and small fish, we can play.
※We do not do business for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention in 2020.

The mid-July and late August

Katano beach

It is beach featuring beautiful sandy beach which we did backed by lush green pine wood and the transparent sea.
On fine day, we can look at "Tojinbo" of Fukui that is famous over there as scenic spot of meandering shoreline.

From July 23, 2020 to August 23

Crane ka waterfall

At waterfall of big things and small things 5 step, innermost maximum thing is divided into two streaks, and it is said that there is approximately 30m in height 5-dan.
In addition, crane ke King Fudo Taki is enshrined in open space, and crane ke waterfall to look at from here is the most beautiful, and it is said that state of waterfall of two streaks to put up spray comes to origin of the name of foot noyodearutokara waterfall of crane from here.

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