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Spring recommended spot

Spring recommended spot

Mountains lacquerware festival

In main, various events such as special product sale of Kaga, mountains, Wanko-soba battle or mini-live are held and can enjoy selling directly to the consumer of mountains lacquerware proud of the best turnout in Japan in families.
※We were going to hold on May 3 and 4, but became postponement for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention. New schedule is undecided.


Daishoji Sakura Festival

We pray for local industrial promotion and rich harvest, and Sakura Festival that is annual festival of Shinmei, Kaga shrine (Yamashita Shrine) is held. Festival car and lion dance parade around houses of parishioner in the town block. We can stroll around while paper lantern being turned on in the flowering night, and seeing going to see cherry blossoms at night with moisture.
※2020 is cancellation for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention.

On second Saturday of April and Sunday, the following day, it is held every year

Shore of Shibayama lagoon Park

It is famous spot for its cherry blossoms, and, in shore park adjacent to the snowy Hall of Science, about 160 cherry blossoms are in full glory in spring. In addition, Hakusan over Shibayama lagoon is beautiful and is place of recreation and relaxation for people of wish merarerukotokara hometown. It is perfect spot that can look at cherry blossoms and fountain of Hakusan and Shibayama lagoon in spring.

Kaga-shi Chuo Park

Park which can overlook Kaga plains that are full of green, sacred mountain Hakusan located at the middle of JR Kaga-Onsen Station and Daishoji Station, the center of Kaga-shi.
Cherry blossoms beautiful everywhere in park including slide neighborhood of open space of lawn and castle are in full glory.

Kumasaka riverside row of cherry blossom trees

About 200 cherry blossoms bloom in profusion for extension about 1km.
Paper lantern is turned on in the flowering night and is spot that is popular from local people when we can enjoy cherry blossom viewing with moisture. There is the highlight such as culture building of lower temple group of mountain, Ishikawa Kutaniyaki Art Museum, Kyuya Fukada mountain, Enuma Shinto shrine, long flow of the river bower near, too.

Ozeki shrine park

It is park with Shinto shrine with the Daishouji River as back. Park is lined with slightly large pine and maple, cherry blossoms and is got close to citizen, tourist for a long time in spring as nature park where green is rich in as Yae, Kokonoe and wonderful famous spot for its cherry blossoms to have a heated in early summer. On fine day, please to candidate of walk course of hot-spring resort in the daytime.

Ayatori-hashi Bridge

Is in Yamanaka Onsen, "Ayatori-hashi Bridge" which is located approximately midway of Korogi-bashi Bridge and downstream Kuroya bridge of tsurusenkei of upper reaches. Beauty that the novelty of crimson and violet-colored sigmoid bridge getting a lot of looks conspicuously and neighboring sceneries harmonized with is superb view. When it is spring at Sakura Park in the sleeve of "Ayatori-hashi Bridge", Yoshino cherry tree is in full glory and is spot popular as walk course.

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