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Yamanaka Onsen proud of history of 1300. Along the Daishouji River flowing through hot-spring resort, tsurusenkei (kakusenkei) promenade is maintained by about 1.3 kilos, and many tourists visit throughout the year. Ayatori-hashi Bridge of novel S-shaped design of time of colored leaves, visiting all-cypress Korogi-bashi Bridge are particular.

House of Buddhist saint with healing powers Onsenji

As Yamashiro hot-spring resorts are in town, spot of colored leaves is rather less, but maple of House of Buddhist saint with healing powers Onsenji, also known as this "Yakushi" is must-see. Burning beautiful red and sour orange, yellow are bright.
There is rest-in-peace pagoda of Myokaku holy priest when we go up stairs having been continued since the back of temple and, besides, we know ten thousand pines garden and can look around Yamashiro hot-spring resort from rare-shaped observation deck called "top shell temple".

Culture building of Mt. Kyuya Fukada

Writer that it is author of "100 famous mountains in Japan" and is from Daishoji, memorial hall "culture building of Kyuya Fukada of Mt. Kyuya Fukada." Big ginkgo tree right here is said to be 650 years years old.
When it is autumn every year, with dignified big tree for the first time in wonderful branch, hitting is all in gold! When tree of ginkgo seems to have legend to spout water at the time of fire from the old days and we think so and look up, it is huge tree which is more and more majestic, and is seen.


"nataniji" is colored leaves spots one of the best in Motoyama of Mt. Koya-san Shingon Buddhism special case that taisumashidaishi opened in the prefecture. It is old historic temple letting you usually feel wabi bi, quiet simplicity, but scenery that is bright to eyes which interwove Nishiki at at their best time of colored leaves spreads.
The precincts came to totally spread carpet of Nishiki all in fallen leaves in late fall and bring on taste different from at their best time again.

Fruit of Kaga

Kaga-shi that is production center of maximum pear in Ishikawa. Pear which does not use good point, weed killer of climate that temperature difference of the night and day has a big at all, and falls short of sugar content of standard is shipment shinaitoiukowadari.
Besides, grape including ruby romance born in Ishikawa. We can enjoy apple picking in Kaga fruit land in autumn.

Hashidate fishing port

Hashidate Port located at the south end of Ishikawa is known as Ryoba which is eminent in the prefecture. When it is September, bottom seining fishing lifts the ban.
Sweet shrimp and Berberis thunbergii, dirt rockfish are landed. Queen crab fishing lifts the ban in November, too. Hashidate product is tasty, and the body is firm, too.

Kitsuneyama ancient tomb cluster amaryllis

Is built in the late fifth century; full length is about 56 meters. Was appointed in burial mound with a square front and a round back in plains alone in country designated historic spot in Kaga-shi in 1932. When it is autumn, it turns red with cluster amaryllis.

From the middle of September to the end

Fruit-related hospital bush clover

Fruit-related hospital of Kaga Soto sect in Yamanoshita, Daishoji, Kaga-shi temple group is got close to as popular name "temple of bush clover". Grave of Daishoji feudal clan each generation feudal lord (first - 14 generations) and mortuary tablet are important cultural property grade for posthumous Buddhist name "great Buddhist layman for fruit-related hospital machine cloud sect" of Prince Daishoji first generation feudal lord Toshiharu Maeda under the pretense of fruit-related hospital.
※Visit in building is not possible for construction of the main hall of a Buddhist temple for the time being now. You can see the precincts or grave of outside Daishoji feudal lord (we need admission fee)

From the beginning of September to the middle

Basho festival

Basho who visited mountains on trip of "Oku no Hosomichi" did long stay to last for 9 days and 8 nights in this ground. We leave phrase to praise "Yamanaka and chrysanthemum hataorajiyunonihoi" and hot water of mountains highly. For September when Basho came, many festivals and events are held every year.
※Basho festival of 2020 was called off for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention.

From September 1 to September 30

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