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  • Creation company

    In creation company, we handle various drones. If it is the body purchase, aerial photography request, customized production, operator instruction, thing about drone including check maintenance, leave it to me to creation Corporation! We come in drone for free operation experience!

  • Village of sightseeing in Daishoji town planning koryukangenhan

    We opened in Kaga-shi interchange plaza this year.   There are guidebook and rental locker, rent-a-bicycle at window.   ◇There is two rent-a-bicycle. 500 yen +100 yen a day ※100 yen at the time of bicycle return….

  • Contact open space to meet, and to push

    Contact open space to meet, and to push is in Yamanakaonsenimadachimachi and is located in doorway of Higashiyachi, Kaga ward. Is built for the purpose of having use as rest station including restroom of one that visited Higashiyachi, Kaga ward, place of exchange with inhabitants local in the case of events such as festivals….

  • Red cement tile and drawing off the smoke old folk house museum

    As we revivify private house made in the Taisho era as time, and life scenery is displayed with articles daily used by people of the time, you can be famed for slowly mellow memory with tea and cake.   Wind good old for generations who do not know the time of Japan….

  • The Yoshizaki Gobo lotus above mentioned person Memorial (good)

    We remembered lotus above mentioned person that was father of kiyomedoshinshukairitsu, and the Yoshizaki Gobo lotus above mentioned person Memorial was erected in 1998 by Echizen Yoshizaki who was the ground related to holy priest. This hotel is memorial possessing best lotus above mentioned person truth nom de plume in Japan, and picture for 15 minutes introduces in theater room,….

  • Hall of Echizen Kaga prefectural border

    Hall of Echizen Kaga prefectural border is built at prefectural border of Ishikawa (Kaga-shi) and Fukui (Awara-shi) and uses as base of neighboring sightseeing. garima in front wide in design that it is revealed that we enter at the entrance at first sight prefectural border scenery of forest of Kashima of country designation natural monument and north lagoon….

  • Shibayama liman cruise ship

    Tour unhurried in pleasure boat.   We can thoroughly enjoy floating Mido to be built to float on lakeside nature and lake, splendid scenery only in Katayamazu including large fountain, and sacred mountain Hakusan seen on particularly fine day is superb view.   Wind that is refreshing on pleasure boat….

  • Raincoat temple knight Cruise

    When Shibayama liman is night, floating Mido and large fountain are lighted up, and it is fantastic scene.   After meal, we bathe in evening wind relaxedly so that ... bath goes up shooting star if star of the sky is lucky on fine day whether you are seen….

  • Mountains lacquer seat (mountains lacquerware Kyoto Museum of Traditional Industry)

    We display traditional industrial art object from perfect gem reciteing the history of mountains lacquerware to modern master craftsman widely and can see bare wood potter's wheel ban kino demonstration. In addition, from tableware for day to accessories, tea service set, we sell all of mountains lacquerware at production center price.   Ren….

  • Geisha geisha agency "flower building"

    Geisha geisha agency of rubigo lattice in the center of Katayamazu hot-spring resort is building built as place of exercise of geisha in 1920.   "Experience using the source made with tofu" and the source and "Akiko dyeing experience" using bottom of a lake soil of Shibayama liman are possible.

  • Nishimura vineyard

    For approximately three months from early July through late September, we are doing direct sale of grape and grape picking. Including Delaware, we cultivate seasonal grape more than 15 kinds. It is tasteful in each grape. We taste preference with family or friend….

  • Tsuchiyama vineyard

    It is discerning grape which shut in solar blessing, blessing of the earth tightly. Let alone direct sale, we accept grape picking, each ground shipment. In addition, barbecue house of all weather type is added to our garden. Maximum seating capacity is 144 people, family….

  • yuge way

    "yuge way" which spreads out around father of hot spring, Hasebe Shrine. A lot of galleries store such as mountains lacquerware or Kutani chinaware links the eaves. In addition, there are CAFE and restaurant, shop of delicious croquette in way and can enjoy walk.

  • The Mitsuko Mori company Memorial (closing)

    Memorial of late Mitsuko Mori of actress is opened in Yamanaka Onsen. Including clothes by entertainment life, precious articles of the Order of Culture and People's Honor Award are displayed. Furthermore, there is mini theater for approximately ten minutes, too. Mori is mountains-za honor chairperson and is one with relationship with Yamanaka Onsen….

  • Daishoji tourist information center

    Around "town where town where you may live in comes, and they are good" for Daishoji, we introduce town walk course that can enjoy the history or culture, famous place of Daishoji with volunteer guide while hesitating relaxedly leisurely. It is bread of culture, tourist facility of whole Kaga-shi around Daishoji in facility….

  • Higashitaniyama-mura, Kaga village

    Located at the southeast mountains of Kaga-shi, it is Aratani (newly) town which basin is dotted with on Iburihashi (we smoke chopsticks) river and cedar no Mizukawa who assume Obiyama source, Imadate (imadachi) town, abstinent period (ozuchi) from town, 4 villages of Sugimizu (suginomizu) town. The present is mistake from various reasons….

  • Bessho Onsen

    Hot spring of little-known spot where the 100% source overflows from bathtub. It is said that we are effective against atopy, neuralgia. There are open-air bath, cold bath, sauna of well water, too. Noted product is super delicious hot spring egg of the hot spring training! (healthy egg white one 65 yen, open space breeding egg gold one 8….

  • Container studio watermelon - terrible suffering - gallery and shop of experience

    With container studio watermelon, we use porcelain soil sonomamao used for Kutani chinaware which is rare in displaying and selling and experience of local writer work and can do potter's wheel experience, hand bineri experience. As the staff holds side during experience, the first one, small child are relieved, too….

  • Large high noon sake brewery museum

    We can always sample 5-6 kinds of liquor. It was reopened (free) on Sunday, October 15, 2017.

  • Hall of Yamanaka Onsen Basho

    It features accommodation Yako building which is in the middle of the Meiji era and can enjoy beautiful garden while drinking tea. In addition, document of Basho Matsuo or work of mountains lacquerware are displayed, too. Facility which is targeted for "Kaga hot-spring village passport" admission ticket "ECO riding coupon"

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