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We removed and rebuilt study which Yokoyama House which was Kaga feudal clan senior retainer built in residence of Kanazawa-shi.
We are informed as it was building of the highest grade that tipped the frames of wooden technique of last years of Meiji.
We display many antiques in precious remains of an ancient structure as Shoin-zukuri of modern times in succession to tradition of samurai family residence study seen in Seison-kaku Villa (compound sentence, Kanazawa) again.

Repair construction begins on Saturday, January 4, 2020 between palaces. (as of Saturday, December 28, 2019, on the end day of construction, undecided)
During construction period other than Saturdays, Sundays and holidays between palace as cannot observe, please be careful.
In addition, you can observe except between palace on weekdays. (if there are any hope, as for the visit of the construction situation between palace, possible.) ※As for the details, please see official blog. 

"ECO riding coupon""Kaga hot-spring village passport"Facility which is targeted for admission ticket


Facility information

Phone number 0761-78-0160
Address Ro-6, Yamanakaonsenshimotanimachi, Kaga-shi, Ishikawa
Admission 500 yen for adults junior and senior high school students 200 yen 100 yen for children
Business hours From 9:30 to 17:00 (last admission 16:30)
Regular holiday

No fixed holiday

New Year holidays From December 29 to January 3

Parking lot

40 cars
Five trailer buses

HP http://www.mugenan.com/
Access We go around Kaga tour bus kiang bus mountain from JR Kaga-Onsen Station → It is about 950m from hot water, mountains-za bus stop of mountains 2 Yamanaka Onsen chrysanthemum

It is about 35 minutes in Kagaonsen bus hot spring mountains line (the second platform) from JR Kaga-Onsen Station → It is about 1.3km from Yamanaka Onsen bus terminal bus stop

It is about 35 minutes in (the second platform) for Kagaonsen bus hot spring mountains line Kayano from JR Kaga-Onsen Station → It is about 550m from Korogi-bashi Bridge bus stop

It is about 11.4km from JR Kaga-Onsen Station

It is about 16.7km from Hokuriku Expressway Katayamazu IC

It is about 13.0km from Hokuriku Expressway Kaga IC

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