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Kaga broccoli Hokuriku No. 1

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Broccoli is great simply! -Nutrient large dissection -

Excellent supporting role broccoli

Excellent supporting role broccoli

Excellent supporting role "broccoli" of lunch
Image that has abundant nutrition with dark green! It turns out that it is good for the health, but
Dishes and seasoning are apt to come to lead up to the same thing!
We solve such a trouble simply because it is area with many cultivation area and volume of shipment!


Cultivation area and the volume of shipment of broccoli are Hokuriku together, and Kaga-shi is the first production center. There are spring crops, paddy, wintering product, and broccoli from Kaga-shi is almost shipped other than the summertime. The quantity is 300 tons a year. We are equivalent to about one cup of 25 meters of pools. Let alone the cancer prevention and the hypertensive prevention, nice effect, effect is provided for woman including prevention of antistress and osteoporosis, fair skin effect and aging in particular. Beta-carotene and calcium, vitamin and mineral, nutrition balance including dietary Fiber are good, too and have very abundant nutrient.


We do such a thing with broccoli!

Kaga broccoli station and buzz tweet

Buzz tta tweet introduction and poster of station passage

As for the poster which does not come in the yard of \ JA Kaga-Onsen Station! /

Poster: Crown of nutrition jewel: Broccoli is excellent food very with high nutritive value. Nutrient is included in richness so as to be called "crown (Crown of Jawel Nutrition) of nutrition jewel" in Europe and America. Kaga-shi is broccoli production center of Hokuriku No. 1.
Poster: Reason with many Kaga beautiful women is fair skin effect: As vitamin C is said to promote generation of collagen, it is effective in skin care. In addition, potassium has work to relieve swelling. Kaga-shi, Ishikawa is broccoli production center of Hokuriku No. 1.
Poster: Cancer cell, poor state [sulforaphane]: Sulforaphane is said to be cancer-causing inhibitor and by activating detoxication enzyme group in the organs such as liver, is effective for the cancer prevention. Kaga-shi, Ishikawa is broccoli production center of Hokuriku No. 1.
We have made broccoli ice cream!
Kaga parfait: Local production for local consumption 5-layer parfait which we developed as hospitality cafe menu (snacks of 3:00) of Kaga-shi. Cake, vegetables sponge cake, honey fresh cream is original parfait of each shop feeling using colorful jelly, noted product cake "kyusakaame" original sauce Kaga Kutani vegetables topping broccoli ice, taste flat pumpkin ice, onsen-tamago pop. We use mountains lacquerware (half moon type tray) and Kutani ware (parfait glass plate, sauce cup) which local writer makes with with presentation Kaga stick tea for this menu newly and took down.

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shichao which gets Kaga broccoli!

Store introduction

Shop which can buy Kaga broccoli

JA green Genki Kaga village

JA Kaga green Genki Kaga village
■Business hours from 8:30 to 18:30
      (until from November to February 18:00)
■Phone number 0761-75-7100
■Address Sakumimachi, Kaga-shi, Ishikawa ho 10-1 (map)
■WEB site https://www.is-ja.jp/kaga/genki/

Under kagakkori Line stamp sale
Introduction of artefact and delicious fruit

Recipes to eat deliciously

Recipes to eat deliciously

Recipes which eats broccoli of Kaga deliciously

・Rice croquette of broccoli and prawns
・Snowball of broccoli
・Steamed meat bun of broccoli
・Pudding of sesame and broccoli
・Broccoli and pound cake of Matcha

Recipes Vol.2 which eats broccoli of Kaga deliciously

・Broccoli teriyaki hamburg
・Whole broccoli mixed rice
・Cheese steamed bun of broccoli
・Chijimi of broccoli
・Curan bloomers fin of broccoli
・Roll pie of broccoli and "Heshiko"

Recipes Vol.3 which eats broccoli of Kaga deliciously

・Broccoli white ball
・Broccoli omelet
・Broccoli and salmon simmered with milk
・Broccoli paella
・For grated ponzu vinegar of broccoli
・Crunch-crunch of broccoli and cheese
・Fried broccoli with omega 3


Kaga broccoli Hokuriku No. 1