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ECO riding coupon

"ECO riding coupon" which we can purchase in Kaga hot-spring village (Katayamazu Onsen, Yamashiro Onsen, Yamanaka Onsen)
Vehicle ticket and facility admission ticket, sweets ticket which are usable in tour bus and route bus, vehicle of Kaga hot-spring village including taxi are sets.
It is coupon which is convenient with visiting spas and discount that can see the sights in one piece of this. When you come to Kaga hot-spring village, please use.

Introduction of seaweed

  • Canvas
  • Route bus
  • Taxi

Kaga tour bus kiang bus

Tour bus which goes around the highlight scattering widely of Kaga hot-spring village from JR Kaga-Onsen Station, and runs.
"Mountain rotation line", there are 3 routes of "Komatsu Airport Line" "the sea rotation line"!

※Canvas Katayamazu, Hashidate loop line is not available.

At the time of ride, we show issuance Japan and India to the staff,
Please hand ticket of seaweed which you cut.

・About one ride, only one piece is available per person.

㈱Town planning Kaga TEL.0761-72-7777

Route bus

Route bus running in the Kaga city has five lines. As it is a lot, bus stop is available usefully, too.
As you may be several per day, depending on line, please use after checking timetable.

Kagaonsen bus TEL.0761-77-3080

※It is available only on the following line.
(route bus is not available in area of Awazu Onsen.)
※Kaga yunosato limited express, Eiheiji outing are not available.
※Fare may be changed.
※Only target facility, the most gathering bus stop of store are listed.

You cut ticket of seaweed beforehand, and please put in the fare box after showing busman issuance Japan and India at the time of getting off.

・If bus comes, please confirm destination.
・We get on from rear door and go down from front door.
・Take rearranging ticket from a certain rearranging ticket issuance machine at the time of ride near entrance.
・If bus stop name going down is displayed, and the next bus stop is announced, we push getting off button nearby, and please let busman know.
・In the case of rainfall, please pay fare. Fare is posted on a certain fare indication machine the bus inside of car ahead. You compare with your rearranging ticket number, and please confirm.
※Pro-traffic IC cards are not available. ・Only one piece is available to tickets of seaweed about one ride per person.
・Please pay the balance in cash.
・Please note that change is not paid.
・When I run out of small change, please exchange money with bus inside of car changemaker beforehand. (as for the exchange of paper money only as for the thousand-yen bill)


It is good to movement to sightseeing spot! We can go out freewheelingly without minding time.
We can spend time effectively if we leave staying accommodation.
In addition, we do not have waiting time if we make a reservation beforehand.

※It is not available by taxi of other companies.

  • Ishikawa Hire & Taxi㈱

  • ㈲Ishikawa phase each other car

  • The best traffic in Kaga㈱

  • Appearance taxi of daikonichi㈱

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only. Colors of vehicle may be different.

Please hand ticket of seaweed which you show issuance Japan and India at the time of ride and cut to driver.

・Only taxi company of mention is available for the use as above.
・As for the ticket of seaweed, only one piece becomes the use about once per person.
・The upper limit using one of ticket of seaweed becomes to one ride number of people.
・We would like inquiry to the taxi companies.
・Please pay the balance in the inside of car.
・Card is not available. Please pay in cash.

Guide MAP

  • Katayamazu Onsen
  • Yamashiro Onsen
  • Yamanaka Onsen
  • Daishoji
  • Hashidate
  • Others

The town of lake where Hakusan is beautiful.

Katayamazu Onsen

W Katayamazu Onsen public bath

Without holiday (there are temporary closed days)
Business hours/6:00-22:00 (wait as for the cafe 10:00 - 17:00, Thursday fixed closing day)

The Hall of Science of V Ukichiro Nakaya snow

There is temporary closing, and refer for the year-end and New Year pivot on/Wednesday (opened on holiday) on regular holiday
Business hours/9:00-17:00 (last admission 16:30)

Katayamazu sweets

One 1 fresh milk soft serve

naka shin

Regular holiday/Wednesday
Business hours/11:30 - 14:00.17 00-22 30 (as for the lunch business only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday):

Two 2 brown rice ohagis


Regular holiday/Wednesday
Business hours/10:00-18:00

One honey of 3 seasons

Honey shop of Kaga

Regular holiday/no fixed holiday
Business hours/10:00-16:00

One 4 melonpan

It is bakery bun Dawe

Regular holiday/no fixed holiday
Business hours/8:00-18:00

One 5 Kaga stick tea jelly

Patisserie a powan

Regular holiday/Wednesday
Business hours/10:00-19:30

One 6 original cake

Wait; cafe

Regular holiday/Thursday
Business hours/10:00-17:00

One 7 Baumkuchen


Regular holiday/year round
Business hours/10:00-18:00

The atmospheric town which stays in gay quarters of bath.

Yamashiro Onsen

I Yamashiro Onsen public bath

Regular holiday/fourth morning of Wednesday (6:00-12:00)
Business hours/6:00-22:00

J Yamashiro Onsen old public bath

Regular holiday/fourth morning of Wednesday (6:00-12:00)
Business hours/6:00-22:00

Person from H Lushan my residence trace Japanese alphabet thatched hut

Regular holiday/Wednesday (opened on holiday)
The year-end and New Year inquiry required
Business hours/9:00-17:00 (last admission 16:30)

K Kutani ware ruins of a kiln pavilion

On regular holiday/Tuesday (opened on holiday),
There is temporary closing and is opened for New Year holidays
Business hours/9:00-17:00 (last admission 16:30)

Yamashiro sweets

Two 8 hot spring steamed buns


Regular holiday/no fixed holiday
Business hours/7:30-19:30

One 9 Kaga stick tea ice

Gallery & bistro

Regular holiday/Wednesday
※Business, Thursday, the following day are fixed closing days on Wednesday on holiday
Business hours/10:00-17:30 (lunch 11:00-15:00)

Two slices of 10 yokan

ren ei*do

It is holiday only for/New Year's Day, two days on regular holiday
Business hours/8:00-19:30

11 milk soft serve
(takeout impossibility) one

hazuchio tea house

Regular holiday/Wednesday (in the case of holiday, we do business)
Business hours/9:30-18:00 (as for the offer of Tuesday until 17:00) (winter season business hours/9:30-17:00)

Two pines of 12 surplice styles

Maekawa stand

Regular holiday/Wednesday, New Year holidays
Business hours/8:00-17:00

For each one 13 Kaga cloudy purple stone & tree hermitages


Regular holiday/Sunday
Business hours/8:00-18:00

Two Japanese confectioneries specially made by 14 our store


Regular holiday/Sunday
Business hours/8:30-19:30

The town of traditional culture and beautiful valley.

Yamanaka Onsen

Hot water men's bath, ladies' bath of C Yamanaka Onsen chrysanthemum

Regular holiday/no rest (there is temporary holiday)
Business hours/6:45-22:30

E mountains Tsurutaro Kataoka mechanic art building

Regular holiday/no rest (closed only at 12/31 end of the year)
Business hours/9:00-17:00 (last admission 16:30)

F Mugen-an

Regular holiday/no rest (12/29-1/3 is closed)
Business hours/8:30-17:00 (last admission 17:00)

Hall of D Yamanaka Onsen Basho

Regular holiday/Wednesday (opened on holiday)
Business hours/9:00-17:00 (last admission 16:30)
※We can enter only by the presentation of coupon

Health village which we go to G Yamanaka Onsen, and it is impossible to do
yuyu building health hot water

Regular holiday/Tuesday (we do business for New Year holidays), New Year's Day
Business hours/10:00-22:00 (as for the last receptionist 21:30)

Mountains sweets

Two 15 daughter daughter ten thousand heads

Main store in mountains Yayama, Ishikawa

Regular holiday/Wednesday, New Year's Day
Business hours/8:00-18:00

One that 16 fortune is fragrant


Regular holiday/Tuesday, Sunday (the 13:00 end), New Year's Day - 3rd
Business hours/9:00-18:00

Of 17 vegetables sommeliers
bejifurushabetto one
(there is change by season)

Kaga vegetables products of the district vegetables
It is friend

Regular holiday/Wednesday (no fixed holiday)
Business hours/9:00-18:00

One 18 coffee ice

Basho coffee

Regular holiday/no fixed holiday
Business hours/9:00-19:00

One 19 hot spring egg soft serve


Regular holiday/no rest
Business hours/7:30-18:00

One 20 rice flour grill doughnut


Regular holiday/no rest
Business hours/8:30-22:00

Castle town of supporting feudal clan, Daishoji feudal clan of Hyakumangoku, Kaga.

Daishoji area

Q Ishikawa Kutaniyaki Art Museum

Inquiry year-end and New Year on regular holiday/Monday (opened on holiday) required
Admission time/9:00-17:00 (last admission 16:30)

Culture building of Mt. R Kyuya Fukada

Inquiry year-end and New Year on regular holiday/Tuesday (opened on holiday) required
Admission time/9:00-17:00 (last admission 16:30)

All 0 Akira temples (lower temple group of mountain)

Regular holiday/no rest
Visit time/9:00-17:00

P fruit-related hospital (lower temple group of mountain)

Regular holiday/no rest
Visit time/9:00-16:00

Daishoji sweets

Grilled 21 Daishoji gongs and kusamochi
For each one


Regular holiday/Thursday
Business hours/8:00-18:00

One 22 silk coatings

Hill Hougetsu temple

Regular holiday/Monday
Business hours/9:00-19:00

One 23 Kawabata bower

Main store in front of gemba temple library

Regular holiday/Tuesday
Business hours/9:00-18:00

One 24 brain bread

Bakery of bear

Regular holiday/Sunday Sunday and Monday Sundays and holidays
Business hours/7:30-18:00

One 25 melonpan

Boulangerie Blondi
Boo orchid Juri Blondie

Regular holiday/Sunday Sunday and Monday once Monday
Business hours/7:00-19:00

One 26 soy sauce rolls

Imura store

Regular holiday/Sundays and holidays (we do business only in the morning)
Business hours/9:00-17:00

Baked cake of 27 rabbits

Village of the moon rabbit

Regular holiday/year round
Business hours/9:00-17:00

Port town where we won fame with goods-carrying merchant ship from the Edo era.

Hashidate area

S Kamoike, Kaga-shi observation building

Regular holiday/no rest (there are temporary closed days)
Admission time/9:00-17:00 (last admission 16:30)

T goods-carrying merchant ship main mansion storehouse six garden

Regular holiday/no rest (there are temporary closed days)
Admission time/9:00-17:00

Village museum of U goods-carrying merchant ship

Regular holiday/no rest
Admission time/9:00-17:00 (last admission 16:30)

Hashidate sweets

Finish eating 28 fruit; cup

Kaga fruit land

Regular holiday/Tuesday, 12/28-1/2 from December through February
Business hours/9:00-17:00

A la mode of 29 taste flat pumpkin
(pumpkin may be changed by season)

Cafe lunch Kasa no cape

Regular holiday/Friday
Business hours/
From Monday to Saturday 10:30-17:00
Sunday/Holiday 10:00-17:00

30 hallelujah tart

Sweets shop hallelujah

Regular holiday/Monday (there is no fixed holiday)
Business hours/9:30-19:00

Area except three hot springs is check required, too!

Other areas

A Kaga-shi art museum

There are temporary closed days/Tuesday (is opened on holiday) on regular holiday; New Year holidays (12/30-1/1)
Admission time/10:00-18:00 (last admission 17:30)

B Bessho Onsen

Regular holiday/no rest
Bathing time/11:40-22:00 (last admission 21:30)

N Kaga yumenoyu

Regular holiday/no rest ※As for the bedrock bath, month, water, money is only for women
Bathing time/6:00 ... 4:00

L Kaga folkcraft village
yunokunino forest

Regular holiday/no rest (there is temporary closure as for the details to HP)
Admission time/9:00-16:30 (last admission 15:30)
[as for GW, the summer period 9:00-17:00 last admission 16:00]

M Japan car Museum

Regular holiday/no rest/end of the year (12/26-12/31 is closed)
Admission time/9:00-17:00 (last admission 16:30)

Other area sweets

One 31 bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans grass ice


Regular holiday/year round (as for year-end from 28 to 31 business until 15:00)
Business hours/8:00-17:00
(as for the offer of bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans grass ice 11:00-15:00 [L.0.14:30]. The overtime comes to support replacement.)

32 Fuku Kaga Matcha set
(takeout impossibility)

Cake castle Kaga feudal clan

Regular holiday/no rest (12/30, 31 are closed)
Business hours/8:15-17:00
(as for the offer 8:15-15:30)

One 33 Kawabata bower

gemba temple Kaga shop

Regular holiday/Tuesday
Business hours/9:00-18:00

※When there is not target product, we may cope with replacement.

Please read on the use by all means.

Facility admission ticket ・
About sweets ticket
Facility admission ticket, each sweets ticket are effective for two days.
Facility admission ticket can choose facility you like from 23 facilities.
Sweets ticket becomes exchange in one of 33 target stores.
In facility admission ticket, becoming a target of sweets ticket, it is only in facility, sweets store of publication in this homepage.
But products may be different from publication photograph due to sellouts target product.
After checking each facility, business day, business hours of each store, please use.
(please note that there is temporary closure)
In the use is careful ●With other coupons cannot use together.
●We cannot refund coupon.
●Publication information is thing as of the end of February, 2019. Contents of mention may be changed.
Inquiry about sightseeing KAGA trip waits; net [Kaga-shi sightseeing information center]
〒922-0423 Sakumimachi, Kaga-shi, Ishikawa o 6-2
[reception hours 8:45-17:30]