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Information for Kaga-shi convention (plans such as meeting, general meeting, meeting, society, workshop, class, seminar symposium, trade fair, event (culture, sports)) holding group furtherance system

Normal group furtherance systems such as conventions to holding






We support a part of the expense required for holding of convention.
Receptionist of prior conventional notes and one set of dossier becomes until two weeks before convention holding. (Kaga-shi attracting tourist promotion section must arrive)
In addition, receptionist is from 8:30 except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays to 17:15.

1.It is targeted for the furtherance

  • ①Society
    Meetings for announcement of scientific study that group for the purpose of being constructed by researcher mainly, and planning improvement development of scientific study or municipalities are made up mainly of admitting group and hold or discussion.
  • ②Others
    By meeting, general meeting, meeting, class, seminar symposium, trade fair, event (culture, sports) by sponsor of the leadership get.
    Banquets such as year-end party and new annual convention, class reunion are inapplicable.
    It is only person related to meetings such as player, person in charge, leader directly that is targeted for the furtherance by athletic meets and is not intended for person who came to protector and support of player who is not person in charge.
  • ③Camp, school excursion
    Because training practices organized intensively, and school to fix for School Education Act and special vocational school or group of active students such as sports or culture is congruent, and, as for the camp, they perform the training, learning fair,
    Purpose carries out a political activity and is not religious activity or profit.
    Trip that school to fix school excursion for School Education Act and special vocational school carry out as part of school education.
    Leaders such as teacher or outside leader work as two people if targeted for the furtherance.

2.Furtherance condition <thing meeting all the following conditions>

  • 1. It is held in convention facility of in Kaga-shi and neighborhood municipalities
  • 2. Being convention having scale more than Kaga city limits
  • 3. Participant stays at the accommodations (facility needing payment of rate for accommodation) in Kaga-shi
  • 4. Total of number of nights of hotel guest is more than 30
    ※Condition is mild from April 1, 2017
  • 5. We do not receive the furtherance other than this system from Kaga-shi
  • 6. It is not aimed for political and religious activity
  • 7. What country or local public entity does not host
    ※But it is for camp that the Board of Education of local public entity except Kaga-shi hosts or school excursion.

3.The amount of furtherance

Division such as conventions The amount of furtherance per accommodation night The ceiling
Society Domestic scale 700 yen 3 million yen
Society International scale Expat: 3,000 yen or other people: 700 yen 4 million yen
Others Domestic scale 500 yen 2 million yen
Others International scale Expat: 1,000 yen or other people: 500 yen 2 million yen
Camp, school excursion
General hotel guest 1,000 yen
Hotel guest of Kaga-shi public facilities The public 1,000 yen
High school student 500 yen
Less than junior high student 300 yen
1 million yen

※Leader of camp, school excursion works as two people if targeted for the furtherance. In addition, in the case of camp, please submit copy of student identification card of representative or certificate of student registration.

4.Presentation documents

We examine documents and pay when it is admitted that contents are appropriate.


  • What are the Q "held prospectus and held point?" We say document which was able to be played about contents on the day of A.
    As style does not matter, please attach thing that it is revealed about held purpose and plan (schedule) including distribution document, order of a ceremony, participant guidance, itinerary. On this occasion,
    Please fill in convention holding place by all means.
    When we do not understand the details before holding, we have document at the point in time and will have document settled after the holding.
  • What should Q seal use? If there is not in representative mark of A group, please use group mark and personal mark of representative.
    About "accommodation certificate," please have representative mark from the accommodations equally.
  • From Q travel agency can apply? We can file as applicant as a substitute for host by A host giving proxy to. In that case, the amount of furtherance is paid to travel agency.

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