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We know Kaga hot-spring village

Way which looks up at sacred mountain, and kicks kei to the sky.

Sense of beauty to hint culture of Hyakumangoku, Kaga while keeping distance with Kanazawa is the flower opened ground.


Daishoji feudal clan was placed in Kaga-shi <Daishoji>, of Kaga hot-spring village contact with three hot springs, Sea of Japan of <Katayamazu> <Yamashiro> <mountains> <Hashidate>, and it is from area of six of <Iburihashi> facing former Hokuriku Expressway.


There are history and unique living that hid reason in each in these six areas to have face which totally varies in three hot spring resorts.
However, Hakusan which is divine so that it cannot help feeling reverence to appear in all sky on day when it was fine.
Okay, mother's body of Kaga can be also known as Hakusan.


Such ground made person of mountains and brought about Ukichiro Nakaya and others who was Kyuya Fukada of literary person and snowy scientist and called historical person of many including Basho and Lushan person together.


Mysterious charm that cannot help attracting traveler hides behind in the four seasons and the earth which sacred mountain produces.

Position of Kaga-shi

Position of Kaga-shi, Ishikawa