• Kaga is polite
  • Kaga noichi push advertisement
  • Information for Kaga-shi culture facility, sports facility, accommodations
  • Goods-carrying merchant ship
  • Katayamazu Onsen official movie
  • It is convenient for sightseeing tour of Hokuriku, Ishikawa, Kaga hot-spring village. "Kaga hot-spring village passport" appearance.
  • Teuchi soba of Kaga
  • Kaga seafood bowl

We look for sightseeing, trip information

  • Theme distinction
  • Area distinction
  • Hot spring
  • Scenery, nature
  • The history, traditional culture
  • Experience
  • Local gourmet
  • Sweets
  • Little-known spot spot
  • Advantageous information

Introduction of video

    We watch video inspection